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Look up words by highlighting
the ones you don’t know.

Translate anything and build your vocabulary from real content.
Five langauges. One simple price. Just $1.99 / month.

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How it Works

Gensho is the ultimate reading comprehension tool for foreign language-learners.

  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian

Step 1

Grab some text.

Any digital text will do – news articles, tweets, song lyrics; you name it – in Spanish, Japanese, French, German or Italian.

Step 2

Paste it into Gensho.

Copy and paste the text into Gensho as a new article. You can save these articles to study later or read them immediately.

Step 3

Highlight the words
you don't know.

Gensho will look them up as you read and save them for you to study later.

Step 4

Instantly review.

Use the built-in flashcards that Gensho provides or download your words to use in your favorite flashcard program.

Because languages don't live in textbooks.

By using real-life content, you can build your vocabulary from subjects that are relavent to your interests and your life.

Want to use a different flashcard program? No problem.

You can download the words you've highlighted and import them into your favorite app, such as Anki or Memrise.

Seriously – any flashcard app will work. Use whichever one you like.
Gensho gives you a universally supported file format (.csv) that all of them support.

Five languages. One easy subscription.

Gensho can look up the English definitions of words from any of the following languages.

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$ 1.99 / month
No credit card required to sign up.

Built by a digital nomad and language nerd.

Annie Sexton, the founder of Gensho, is a web developer, designer, writer, and full-time traveler. She believes that language, above all else, is the key to connecting with cultures.

Improve your
Spanish Japanese French German Italian

No credit card required for sign up.